What is happening in Norway in the WtE/Circular Economy Sector?

  • The Government is planning to implement a CO2 tax on waste incineration in 2021 (149 NOK per ton fossil CO2, i.e. 82 NOK per ton MSW). The stated goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from non-ETS sectors. Many in the sector are sceptical on the efficiency of the measure.
  • Launch of ‘Longship’ for full-scale carbon capture and storage in Norway (September 2020). The initiative (see picture) includes Norcem (cement plant), Fortum Oslo Varme (Klemetsrud WtE plant) as well as Northern Lights (transport logistics and permanent storage). The total investments are estimated at NOK 17.1 billion. The operating costs for ten years of operation are estimated at NOK 8 billion. The state’s share of these costs is estimated at NOK 16.8 billion. However, Klemetsrud CCS project will receive its support (3 billion NOK) only if it is able to raise the remaining funds (ca. 3.8 billion NOK) from other sources, the main possible contributor being the EU Innovation Fund.

Longship CCS project. (Credit: Gassnova)

Several other Norwegian WtE plants are involved in BECCUS projects including various national and international alliances: BiR (Bergen), Returkraft (Kristiansand), Statkraft Varme (Trondheim), Forus (Stavanger), etc.

  • The legislative implementation of the revised BAT BREF WI and the new EU requirements concerning separate collection and material recovery of food and plastic waste is still underway.