Aims & Objectives for Task 36

sysav_courtesy_of_wilfrid_hesseling_tno_originalOngoing Initiatives

The aims of this Task are consistent with the overall IEA Bioenergy Strategic Plan and include ongoing initiatives to:

  • Promote market deployment of technologies and systems for sustainable energy generation from biomass.
  • Raise public awareness through communication with key stakeholders for the use of biomass as an energy source and to provide clear and verified information on bioenergy.
  • Strengthen the outreach efforts to the Implementing Agreement to involve interested new country members, industry and multilateral organisations.
  • To increase dissemination and information.

Task 36 objectives for the 2022-2024 triennium

During 2022–2024, Task 36 will focus on the effect that circular economy initiatives along the waste and energy value chain will have in the deployment of bioenergy globally.

The specific objectives for the proposed programme are:

  • Understanding economic, societal, and environmental aspects derived from different EfW and material recycling technologies/strategies adopted.
  • Highlight the role of EfW in a circular economy.
  • Evaluation of new technologies pathways for turning waste into high valuable products.
  • Forecast waste streams composition and amounts generated as circular economy is unfolding.
  • Raise awareness within the waste and energy sector about the role of smart/digital technologies in enabling transition of sectors to circularity.