Plastic roadmap

The roadmap provides guidance for reaching a sustainable use of plastic and identifies four areas where it is necessary to work harder.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency launched in May the roadmap for sustainable use of plastic. This document provides and overview of where the country is going in terms of sustainable use of plastic; unifies criteria and highlight those areas that need to be developed. The roadmap is based on national, EU and global existing legislation, goals, and strategies and is expected to inspire decisions makers both in the private and public sector.

A sustainable use of plastic implies that it is used in a resource and climate-efficient, non-toxic and circular way with no leakage, and according to the roadmap this is only possible if four areas are strengthened:

  1. Raw material extraction and production with minimal environmental impact
  2. Smart use of resources
  3. Reduction of plastic leaked to the environment
  4. Increase of high-quality material recycling

This roadmap is expected to be a guidance until 2025 and afterwards a revision will be needed.


Read more:

Link to the roadmap (available only in Swedish) here.