Webinar report about Decarbonization in a circular economy

Transitioning towards a decarbonised circular economy: Focus on Waste to Energy

Report of a digital webinar held on June, 2021.

This report summarises the deliberations of a digital workshop that Task 36 conducted in collaboration with SABIA (the South African Biogas Industry Association) on “Transitioning towards a decarbonised circular economy: Focus on Waste to Energy” on 11 June 2021. This was the first of a series of workshops/webinars organised by SABIA to inform and shape their Vision 2030 – Biogas to Energy Strategy for South Africa, which was presented later on in 2022 at a follow up forum.

The webinar explored the main issues that are preventing the widespread insertion of waste to energy and biogas to energy projects in the South African energy mix, despite the challenging times of continued loadshedding imposed by the electricity utility ESKOM. The deliberations of the Task 36/SABIA workshop in 2021 informed the SANEDI Waste to Energy Roadmap and the SABIA VISION 2030 National Biogas to Energy Strategy that was launched in 2022.


Link to the workshop report: Workshop Report for IEA Task 36_SABIA 10 June_final


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