Material and Energy valorisation of waste in a Circular Economy

Daniel Roberts



Contact details:

Dr Daniel Roberts
Leader, Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform
CISRO Energy

Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies
1 Technology Court Pullenvale QLD 4069
PO Box 883 Kenmore QLD 4069 Australia

phone: +61 7 3327 4521


A bio:

Daniel is the Director of CSIRO’s Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform. The Hydrogen FSP plays an important role in CSIRO’s broad hydrogen RD&D program, by providing a strong scientific and technical foundation to CSIRO’s work in enabling a renewable energy export industry based on hydrogen.

Before taking on the FSP role, Daniel led the High Efficiency Thermal and Electrochemical Technologies research group within CSIRO Energy. He continues to play a senior role in CSIRO’s research activities in the area of gasification for hydrogen production, as well as thermochemical pathways for bioenergy production from biomass and waste.

IEA expectations:

Australia has no operating, large-scale thermal energy from waste plants. This is due to a number of reasons, many of which are based on a lack of understanding of the role of these technologies and how they can contribute to a sustainable waste management system. Australia is also facing challenges with managing recycled materials and is beginning to embrace circular economy principles in a range of different industrial sectors. It is expected that Australia’s participation in this task will contribute to a raising of awareness of a range of current and emerging technological pathways for sustainable waste management, with a focus on energy recovery and circular economy principles.