Material and Energy valorisation of waste in a Circular Economy

Beau Hoffman


United States of America

Contact details:

Beau Hoffman

Technology Manager, conversion R&D
Bioenergy Technologies Office
U.S. Department of Energy


A bio:

Beau Hoffman is a Technology Manager within the United States Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office. Beau works with the Conversion Technologies R&D Program overseeing several research areas including biochemical processing and conversion and waste-to-energy technologies. He also co-leads the DOE Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium along with colleagues from the Feedstock Supply and Logistics and Advanced Development and Optimization Programs. His background is in chemical engineering and biochemistry and prior to joining the US Department of Energy, he worked in industry focusing on anaerobic digestion of highly recalcitrant and complex substrates.

IEA expectations:

I am very excited for the opportunity to represent the United States in this IEA Bioenergy Task- the concept of the Circular Economy underpins many of the Bioenergy Technologies Offices’ (BETO) key research and development initiatives including development of technologies in the areas of wet and gaseous waste conversion, bioproducts, and biopower. BETO has invested a considerable amount into these areas and I am looking forward to sharing some of the innovative and promising technologies with this working group. Across the United States, at both national and local levels, there has been rapidly emerging interests in managing waste streams to attain a variety of environmental and economic benefits. I look forward to learning about some of the innovative practices in place from the other member nations to maximize the energy and resource recovery from these waste streams.