Material and Energy valorisation of waste in a Circular Economy

Aims & Objectives for Task 36

sysav_courtesy_of_wilfrid_hesseling_tno_originalOngoing Initiatives

The aims of this Task are consistent with the overall IEA Bioenergy Strategic Plan and include ongoing initiatives to:

  • Promote market deployment of technologies and systems for sustainable energy generation from biomass.
  • Raise public awareness through communication with key stakeholders for the use of biomass as an energy source and to provide clear and verified information on bioenergy.
  • Strengthen the outreach efforts to the Implementing Agreement to involve interested new country members, industry and multilateral organisations.
  • To increase dissemination and information.

Work programme will include

Within the three-year timescale of the Task, the Work Programme will include:

  • Task meetings to exchange results from relevant national R&D programmes
  • Field trips associated with the Task meetings, including visits to state of the art facilities
  • International workshops associated with the Task meeting, to cover the development of technology for energy recovery from waste in a circular economy, recovery of nutrients from waste, feedstock recycling, factor influencing the successful implementation of policies and the future role of waste-to-energy as part of a circular economy
  • Specific actions resulting in discussions of
    • the role of waste-to-energy and material recycling in a circular economy;
    • technology pathways for implementation of energy recovery systems in a circular economy;
    • facilitator and barriers when implementing policies in this matter;
    • waste-to-chemicals
  • Two strategic project – see outline below
  • Information exchange with other IEA Bioenergy Tasks and other international networks on relevant energy from waste technologies worldwide
  • Closer links to the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).  ISWA are working in related areas and have asked Task 36 to participate in their Task Force on Resource Management
  • ExCo interaction and support


The following deliverables will be primarily aimed at decision makers who impact the development of energy from waste

  • A topic report on differences and similarities in the implementation of waste-to-energy policies in different countries
  • A summary report on the chemical recycling of waste
  • A summary report on nutrient recovery
  • A topic report on co-processing of biomass and waste (to be determined)
  • A series of five international workshops (link to the workshops section)
  • Collaboration with Task 40 in the strategic project “Bioenergy with carbon capture and sequestration or utilisation (BECCS/U)”
  • Collaboration with Task 32 in the strategic project “Bioenergy for high temperature heat in the industry”
  • A topic report on the role of EfW and material recycling in a circular economy as a compilation and assessment of all the knowledge gather during the different projects and activities carried out during the triennium